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What do you do when life knocks you down? When there's a sudden death or diagnosis. How do you seek joy when pain seems to be lurking around every corner? When grief is overwhelming and the chaos and unknowns of life are too much to handle? Here at the Joy Driven Life podcast we aim to answer these questions. With story sharing, scripture reading and lots of open conversation, together we aim to live a joy driven life.


The Joy Driven Life Masterclass is a four week commitment where you will be given tools to create a life that is Joy led. You will be given tools and workbooks that make you dig deep into your thought life, shift your mindset and come out refreshed. We find your core values, what makes you, you, and figure out how to make confident decisions moving forward. In the four week class you will have 4 zoom calls with the group where we touch on different topics curated specifically for you with guests from around the globe. 

This class is for people who need a mindset shift, tools for growth and a longing for change.

Grief strikes when we least expect it, chaos comes around every corner and let's face it, life is full of the unknown. But when we lead a Joy Driven Life the chaos and grief don't find a home in our hearts because we are ready to fight to get our joy back. Are you ready to start leading a Joy Driven life?

Next Class Starting in January

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Julia Dawn

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