What is Coaching?

People hire personal trainers to improve their physical health, but what about spiritual health? What about mental health? That's where I come in. I'm not a counsellor.  I am here to help you identify your goals, listen to your dreams and help you GET. IT. DONE.

When you work with a coach, you are choosing  an accountability partner, a mentor, and an encourager to come alongside you. A coach can give you the opportunity to shift your perspective, move you out of your comfort zone and give you tools that will help you make life changing habits. 

As a coach, I want to provide a safe and encouraging space for you to make goals and move forward with intention. I will help you use small achievable steps to go from wherever you are now, to where you want to be.



Grief and Joy

My dear friend, I've been there. A sudden loss, a marriage in crisis, a child diagnosed, friendships ending, leaving a job you love, moving away from a house you adore, dealing with anxiety and/ or depression, learning to live in the middle of a world-wide pandemic and so much more. Grief comes in all shapes and sizes and I want you to know you are not alone. You are seen, and your story is safe here.

When you are ready, I'd love to find your joy again. There is BIG joy waiting around the corner and together we can bring it back into your world. With the right tools, resources and conversations I trust that you will feel whole again. This doesn't mean the grief will disappear. But we can learn to walk through life in beautiful ways while grief is clinging on tight. Don't let the waves overtake you. Let me walk along side you and together we will find a joy driven life just for you.

What goals do you want to set?
Here are a few examples

Learn to live in peace
Live with intentionality

Discover who I am outside of ______
Build strong community

Intentionally seek a joy driven life

Become less anxious and more full of peace

Shift my mindset to LIGHT

Find and live out my values 

Discover who I am in Christ

Walk in love

These are all beautiful goals, and so many more are out there, waiting for you to grab hold, take charge, and do the dang thing. 



how does this work

Grief Processing session
(1 month)

This is for anyone who needs to deal with something ASAP. I will be your prayer warrior through a month long session together. I am here for you. Your story is safe here.

Joy Series (3 months)

The joy series is a partnership created between you and I that will allow you time and space to reach full potential in the goals that you set, whatever they might be!

Special Pricing

Are you a parent of a child with additional needs?

*30 minute discovery Call (free for anyone) after answering a questionnaire where we can understand what you want to work on and work through.

*90 minute coaching call where you can share openly, talk in confidence and let your self emote. If you are at a place where it would be helpful, I can suggest resources, tools and helpful tips of what I have found to be most helpful while moving through grief.


*4 weeks Voxer support in between our 90 minute coaching call and email follow up. This is used for follow up questions, extra support and tools to be given, as well as a listening ear. What you share stays between us.


*Email follow up 4 weeks after our coaching call for final questions and remarks. 


*Tools and worksheets if seen fit for where you are at.

*Recording of our 90 minute call if chosen.


One time investment of $197
*See special Pricing options


*30 minute discovery call (free for anyone) after answering a questionnaire where we will talk through your answers and understand where you want your series to go and what goals you have while working with me.

*6 x 60 minute sessions meeting every other week where we dive deep into your goals, your wants and your self sabotaging ways to gain clarity on how best to move forward. We will work together to create long lasting, life changing rhythms and mindsets.

*Email and Voxer support during our entire series together.

*Tools and worksheets given when seen fit for your personal goals. Including a Values worksheet to better understand your identity and chosen path.

*An ending gift from me to you, personally chosen and sent to your via mail.

One time investment of $657 or 3 payments of $247

* Take 30% off my pricing by simply letting me know. I'm on the journey with you and I know first hand how expensive it all can be. Sometimes we feel like investing in ourselves is selfish, I promise you it is not. It might actually be just what your family needs right now, for you to stay healthy. So kick back that price, and let's get going. 


Do any of these sound like you?

I'm tired of feeling unmotivated and seeing no change in my life

I desperately need my joy back

Grief is overwhelming and taking over every part of my life

How do I start reading the bible or praying? I've never been taught how to do this

I feel stuck

I need help setting boundaries in my life. Where do I even start

I want to know more about Jesus

My child has a diagnosis, and I feel alone. I don't know how to do this

I have this dream, but how do I make it a reality

I don't know how to start getting back to normal, when what was my normal has changed drastically

How do I move on from what has happened?

I don't know how to move forward with this grief

How do I stay organized with my child extra appointments and needs?

*A coaching series can make a great gift.  Whoever she may be, coming together as a community to encourage other women is a beautiful thing. If you'd like to donate to a certain person, let me know. If you don't know anyone but would like to donate anyway, I have a donation option available to fund women who don't have the means themselves but would benefit from this experience. Please email me for details.



Meagan Vigil

I was feeling very overwhelmed in my daily life and knew I wanted to dig deeper into my faith but didn’t know how or where to start. I also wanted to work on my self confidence. I came to Julia for structured help and an outside perspective. She helped me identify meaningful goals and made me feel comfortable and genuinely cared for right away!  She allowed space for me to open up and never once did I feel any judgment. Working with her helped me see who I am in Christ, my worth, and honestly, it’s changed everything! This experience was eye-opening, encouraging and a great reminder for me that God is always present, even when we wander. 

Jordan Bolan

When I first came to Julia, I was working part time as a nurse and having a hard time putting my goals into action for my life. I had lots of ideas and intentions, but struggled to implement them. I had never worked with a coach before but was excited and hopeful for our journey! I honestly felt like our meeting was a divine intervention. I became more intentional with my time and I had more energy, even my family and friends noticed a change! Our time together was grace-filled, motivating and so enjoyable. I am so thankful for Julia’s gifts and that she shared them with me through our sessions. I felt comfortable from day one and can honestly say that Julia wanted the best outcome for me in it all. Thank you Julia!

Jennifer Robertson

I had just decided to stay home with my 2 boys after maternity leave and start my own business and was struggling to juggle all of my to-dos. I really struggled to have a positive mindset and be ‘fun’ for my kids while doing ‘all the things’ and really wanted to dig deeper in my faith as well. I had been considering coaching for a while and finally went for it! I had never worked with a coach before but the whole experience was wonderful. Julia made it super comfortable and I felt no judgment at all! She helped me create goals I was actually looking to accomplish and was a great support. Since working with Julia, I am focused when spending time with my family and am able to finally set tasks aside when needed without feeling overwhelmed or guilty. I have established tools that help me navigate my anxiety and tools to help me with the many changes as I adjust to my new normal. My time with Julia was encouraging, empowering and relieving. This experience truly helped me discover pieces of myself that I wanted to develop but couldn’t quite grasp on my own. It was something my soul needed. It turns out that it isn’t enough to just dive into what I love, I also needed to know who I am as a person to live joyfully and pursue my dreams and Julia helped me get there.