10 Self Care Ideas That Are 100% FREE

Somehow the idea of "self care" has turned into a lavish day at the spa, going for an expensive meal with girlfriends and taking yourself out to the newest movie. While all of these are fun ideas, they are also all a little pricey, and it doesn't have to be.

Self care is so much more than this. Self care is, you guessed it, taking care of YOU. Making yourself a priority for a moment and observing how you feel and what you need. This list won't blow your mind with it's creativity or 'new-ness' but hopefully it will stand as a reminder to you that you can take time for yourself anytime, any day without spending all your money.

1) Bubble Baths! Does this feel cliche? I promise you it's not. Taking a bubble bath with the lights low and a good book is one of my all time favourite ways to wind-down after an exceptionally long day. Soak up the solitude my friend.

2) Take 5 minutes at the start of your day to rest in the silence. Sit up (so you don't fall back asleep), close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Think through who you want to show up as today. Use this time to say good morning to the Lord, do some stretches if you'd like. Self care for me means starting my day off on the right foot. And I can tell you right now, my Facebook feed is not the first thing I need to see in the morning.

3) Drink from your favourite water bottle all day. Mine is bright pink and says "Choose Joy" in a fun script. This will a) keep me hydrated and b) make me smile as I remember to think about joy in my everyday moments.

4) Express your feelings. Be heard. Own your voice. While caring for yourself, it is so important to make sure you know you are being heard and seen for who you are. Express yourself, even when it's hard my friend. 5) Take a walk! Anyone else ridiculously excited that spring is almost upon us? Hello beautiful weather, nice to see you again!

6) Create a morning and evening routine that you love and look forward to. Stretches, reading, writing, exercise, anything goes as long as it's something you can commit to and love.

7) Journal. Journal about your thoughts, your day, your emotions, your hopes, your goals or your to-do lists. Whatever it is, get what's on your mind onto paper so you can release the stress of remembering it. Journaling can be so helpful to process life on a daily or weekly basis. Don't love writing in a book? Type notes on your computer! Record on an app daily entries. Just get it out. Personally, I bullet journal. Every list prayer and to-do goes into one book that I carry around with me in my purse. It might be the best thing I've ever done for myself to relieve anxiety.

8) Take a nap. Seriously, just go to sleep.

9) Put clean sheets on your bed. Is there anything more beautiful than crawling into a newly made bed? I mean maybe, but right now that sounds heavenly to me.

And finally...

10) Delete the app that takes up all of your time and has no benefit to you. Leave the group chat that is full of gossip and you hate being in. Say no to the thing you don't want to attend. Self care can look like a lot of things friends. Remember to fill yourself up so you have enough to pour out without becoming empty.


True mental self-care is not chocolate cake and spa days. It's making choices each day that create a life you don't need to regularly escape from. - dr Caroline leaf.


BONUS: 5 Spitutual-Care Tips That are also FREE.

1) Pray about everything. Worried? Pray. Anxious? Pray. Happy? Pray. Thankful? Pray.

2) Download the Bible Gateway app (or any app you prefer) and listen to the Bible in the car while your drive.

3) Make a devotional time part of your morning or evening ritual.

4) Take a break from social media and when you feel like scrolling, pray read or listen instead.

5) Take time to memorize favourite scriptures. Put sticky notes around your house, in your car, in your wallet, on your mirror, wherever you look. Put the word of God into your heart.

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